festa danzante 2015

“Dance stands at the source of all the arts

that express themselves first in the human person.”

- S.Horton Fraleight

coordinated by Nunzia Tirelli, It is a place of growth and research for the study of movement and dance as an art that takes its inspirations from the principles and practice of the contemporary work of Rudolf Laban, choreographer, teacher, theorist, father of the expressionist dance. 

Nunzia Tirelli works closely with Alison Curtis-Jones artistic director of Summit Dance Theatre of London, together they staged two unpublished choreographies projected at Monte Verità by Rudolf Laban in 1913 "Ishtar's Journey into Hades" and "The Dancing Drumstick", this project won the Swiss Dance Award 2014 for "dance as cultural heritage in Switzerland".

From 2013 concretadanza organizes and promotes LABAN EVENT at Monte Verità.